Slow boot and computer operation

The computer is turned on, but the system is loaded too slowly. The necessary folders for the “load” are more than a minute, as well as the launch of other programs on the computer. Most likely, the hard drive is guilty – such a malfunction in the PC’s operation is characteristic only for it. Perhaps your hard disk is dusty, try just to gently blow it. Keep it tight – do not disassemble. If this does not help, then you will need to optimize your computer to the fullest.

If you want to know how to repair computer, you can read it in detail I told in the articles: – How to speed up the computer robot – Optimization of Windows XP – Another 7 ways to speed up the computer – Optimize Windows 7 – Optimize the processor – Accelerate the hard drive I advise you to carefully read the articles to use the capabilities of your computer to the maximum.

To secure a computer hard drive, it’s best to always back up all of your data on a removable external hard drive that is connected to the computer via a USB connector or on a separate disk as an image created using Acronis special software. The possibilities of which I described in the article – the restoration of acronis data. Store photos and other personal files and the operating system reinstallation program best on an external optical disc, in a factory box in a convenient place for you to see. In the event that the system “flies” on your computer, your data will be problematic to return, but reinstalling the operating system of the computer will not be difficult.

How to clean a dirty cooler
We release the axis with fan lobes. The dirty white piece of plastic that appears is the worn out residue of our fan’s gasket. It is he who causes loud and sharp sound of the computer. Dampen the cotton swab with a cleaning agent or cologne, and clean the fan axis and the place where it will be inserted in the future. Now it is necessary to make a new gasket. To do this, cut a small piece from the stick of the gel pen with a stationery knife.

The resulting thin ring will be your new gasket for the fan-cooler axis. As a lubricant, take a small drop of engine oil or the like. Now put in place the axle with a new gasket, secure everything with a plug. With the correct installation of the old fan-cooler in your computer, you will not hear more unpleasant sound when you plug into the network.

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