Restoring the Windows

Most software problems are caused by corrupted system files or Windows settings, due to viruses, and if the registry is damaged.

Consider the causes of these injuries.

Damage to system files
The fact is that most programs use standard Windows system libraries (files with the extension * .dll) for go, to reduce the amount of the actual program. If these libraries are damaged, the installed programs can not work correctly.

Sometimes there are situations when with frequent installation and removal of programs, some system files (* .sys) and libraries can also be uninstalled with them. This can happen when the program overwrites (overwrites) the original system file by installing it on its own.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to install as few programs as possible and experiment on the working system by installing and removing programs.

There are also cases when, when several programs or processes run, a collision occurs – an attempt to simultaneously access several programs or processes to the same resource (file). This situation is called a deadlock or mutual interlocks.

Deadlock is a situation in a multi-tasking environment or a DBMS, in which several processes are in a state of infinite waiting for resources captured by these processes themselves. Often such situations lead to the hang of programs.

I want to note that hangs also occur when the kernel of the operating system tries to switch from one process to another, but for some reason can not (for example, the started process hinders it). Visit our website and let me remind you that in multitasking operating systems, all processes are performed in turn – the processor once every 25-100 ms switches from one task to another. At the same time, processes can not be performed. In this situation, it is recommended that you wait a few minutes before the automatic unlock. If this does not help – try to “kill” the process via Ctrl + Alt + Del.

Windows settings due to viruses failed
Most of the time, configuration failures result from the penetration of viruses or Trojans into the system. Those are started as programs in startup or as services that can not be seen, but they prevent the change of Windows ntraznek.

Symptoms of infection with viruses and trojans are the following indirect signs:

strange windows appear after which the computer turns off or reboots
there’s no way to change Windows settings
there is no possibility to remove / install programs
there is no way to view hidden files and folders
you change the system settings, and they are not saved
New items appeared in the right-click menu of the mouse
folders do not open as before
periodically Windows tries to connect to the Internet or open there any site

The main sources of viruses are the Internet (namely, dangerous sites with free software, music, movies, pictures, entertainment sites), local networks (mostly large type Matrix), flash drives.

The recommendations are simple: to use anti-virus protection, firewalls, antitrays.

There are a lot of ways to clean and restore the system: use the “System Restore” utility (rollback), Recovery Console, in especially severe cases – use Windows Live CD and special utilities to clean the system.

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