Restore the Windows (part 2)

Damage to the registry

One of the reasons that requires the recovery of Windows is registry corruption. This happens infrequently. Sometimes the computer user can mistakenly corrupt the registry.

The Windows Registry or the Windows Registry is a hierarchically constructed database of settings and settings on most Microsoft Windows operating systems.

The registry contains information and settings for hardware, software, user profiles, presets. Most of the changes in the Control Panel, file associations, system policies, the list of installed software are fixed in the registry.

After you install Windows on a disk, the following files are stored in the% SystemRoot% \ System32 \ Config \ directory (for example, C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Config \):

(All files (file names) without extensions: A copy of these files is stored in the C: \ Windows \ Repair \ directory)

In addition, the files used to build a “working version” of the registry can be stored in directories:
% SystemDrive% \ Documents and Settings \ <Username> \ – the file “Ntuser.dat”
% SystemDrive% \ Documents and Settings \ <Username> \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Windows \ – the file “UsrClass.dat”

It is obvious that as the user works, mistakes are accumulated in the registry, including for the reasons listed above. In this regard, the registry is prone to damage from both programs and viruses.

In order to avoid this, it is necessary to regularly check the disk for errors, viruses; checking the registry for errors and defragmenting it.

To edit the registry manually, the system utility regedit.exe is used.

Reasons for rebooting the computer
The reasons listed above usually lead either to the computer crashing, rebooting (with some Trojans and viruses) or to being unable to work properly.

The same symptoms can also be caused by hardware malfunctions – overheating, bad sectors on the hard disk, and “glitches” of RAM, but we’ll talk about this in a separate article.

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