How to open an electronics repair business: computers, laptops, cell phones

Article for those who want to open their electronics business, to earn money on repairing phones, laptops, tablets and computers. Practical advice from the business owner watch on this official website.

Hello, my name is John, I’m the founder of a network of service centers for the repair of telephones, laptops, photo and video equipment.

I have a video on youtube channel about how to open my service center, where I tell you what you will need directly to open.

But before you start to open your first workshop or service center, it’s worth doing some preparatory work, without which your grand opening slowly goes into a sad closing and calculation of losses.

The first thing to begin with is to clearly prioritize. Understand what is most important in this business, and what is secondary. Without which knowledge and skills you can not build a profitable business, and without which knowledge you can do at all.

What do you think is the most important thing in the electronics business?

– Skills and experience in repairing modern technology? – No

-Access to suppliers of original spare parts and the lowest prices for parts? – No

– Own premises and start-up capital? -Also no.

The most important thing in this business and in any other is the skills of attracting customers: lidogeneratsiya, marketing, as it is now just not called. If you do not have customers, then everything else does not matter.

Someone will object: “Well, if my company does not perform repairs properly, we will have high prices, poor quality of spare parts, so, accordingly, customers will not come to us either.”

Yes, all this is certainly important, but not primarily, what will your service level mean if you can not create a flow of customers, who will evaluate it? 1-2 customers a day and even then, even such a number of orders for many new open repair shops for phones and laptops is in practice unattainable.

These guys are many, open, work a month or two in the minus and close.

To what I tell all this, before you start your business, you should definitely get training in the course of web marketing, business analytics, get at least basic knowledge in contextual advertising, SEO, get acquainted with all existing channels of attracting customers.

Such knowledge you can get both independently from free sources on the Internet, and to pass paid training, thank God now educational programs on this subject are missing.

So, the first and most important thing is to acquire knowledge in web marketing, to become a good specialist yourself.

In second place in importance, obtaining practical knowledge and experience in the operating activities of the sphere in which you want to open a business.

If you did not work in a similar service center, for example, you worked at a printer repair center, but you want to open a repair shop for laptops and phones. Then I strongly recommend that you first get a job on the right profile, work at least six months.

Because everywhere there are many nuances, so-called, reefs, which you should know.

And the last tip: in parallel with the training, start developing the site, in advance, think out the design, structure, correspondence to the simantic core of the pages of your future resource. Choose a good old trust domain, choose the right engine and a lot of other nuances about which you will learn at school and in parallel will begin to apply in practice.

As a result, you will have to install a program for keeping records in the workshop (I recommend the Gincore program), find a good room, buy equipment, furniture and sign.

This is how the founder of a successful service center should spend six months before opening it: the day at work in the service, in the evening at the courses on web marketing, at the weekend – creating website.

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