How to avoid scammers while repairing your computer?

The computer (and all its devices) is entered in the register of special products as a complex technical device. Of course, this register primarily deals with the relationship of sellers and buyers, but this relationship extends to people who are professionally engaged in the repair of personal computers.

Unfortunately, the world has not yet invented non-breaking things, so sooner or later any computer owner will have to face the problem of a broken PC. There are two main groups of faults in the computer: software and hardware.

Trouble with the software, as a rule, is solved quite quickly and easily: it is enough to call a specialist, and he will solve the problem in just one or two hours. There is nothing complicated in this, but even here you can face scammers.

How to fix laptop and not be deceived by scammers. How do they work?

First, you may be required to pay for the restoration of the required files. In principle, this is normal, but it is necessary to know that the data is flown from the C drive, and if they are located on other, additional disks, then they will remain there, and you will pay for the work that you did not do and did not have to do.

Secondly, specialists, using ignorance of the townsfolk, often wind up prices, exaggerate the amount of necessary work and thus profit. Thirdly, a very common type of fraud is the installation of pirated copies under the guise of licensed programs and taking money for them in full. Therefore, try to check all the programs that are installed on your computer.

Well, fourthly, scammers can say that the problem is not in the software, but in the equipment, since the repair of equipment is much more expensive thing (especially with the replacement of damaged parts). In this case, ask for repairs in your presence.

How can you tell a fraudster from a specialist? Here you can advise to do two things:
1) when calling, ask about the presence of a certificate – the specialist must respond immediately, and the fraudster hesitates;
2) look at the newspapers over the past year – if there is an advertisement of this person in them, then he is probably a specialist (scammers, as a rule, work simultaneously).

Try to learn how to independently identify problems with software from hardware problems. With some experience this will allow you to save a lot of time and nerves.

Now let’s talk a little about repairing the equipment. In this case, calling the master at home is not the best option. It will only be useful as a diagnostic tool to determine that the problem is not in the software. It is best to contact a company specializing in computer repair. However, there are some subtleties here, and you can face fraud.

Therefore, before you give your system unit, rewrite the numbers of all the components, and after the replacements made (if they were, of course), be sure to require the old parts back. Otherwise, under your fictitious pretext, you can completely replace the workpiece and take money from you for it. Remember, there is no excess reinsurance!

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