Frequent cell phone malfunctions

The most frequent malfunctions of the cell phones and how to eliminate them through DIY.

1. Software is cluttered or lost – in this case even a master with extensive experience can not always immediately determine the breakdown in the phone, namely, what exactly is the fault – in or on the iron.

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If you are not exactly sure what your fault is, try, first, to fix it as a software error.

For different manufacturers of cell phones, as well as their models, there are various ways to cure a software failure: try to make a general reset of the software, or replace it and format it.

Beforehand, read the instructions of the phone, it should indicate how you can reset the firmware of the phone or completely restart the software, back to the factory settings.

Be careful and make a backup copy of the data, to avoid losing it, if something goes wrong after resetting the software.

Also, make sure that during the software update, its reinstallation or formatting the phone data, there are no failures or interruptions in the cable connection, power supply, otherwise it can lead to even more problems with the phone.

If none of the above methods helped you, then most likely, the problem in the phone is connected with hardware, or hardware, if to be more precise.

In this case, you can disassemble the phone, conduct a visual inspection and clean it from dust and dirt inside the case. Or just better to take it to the electronics repair shop.

2. If you do not hear the caller, or the sound disappeared altogether, then first you need to clean the speaker from dust. Over time, the speaker is clogged with dust and this is a frequent cause of hearing loss.

Performing this operation, you need to be very careful, and do not damage the thin mesh, which protects the speaker from damage. Clean gently and without using sharp tools.

3. Your interlocutor does not hear you. The reason for this is most likely a dirty microphone, which must also be cleaned. If this does not help, then probably the microphone is out of order, then you need to contact the service center for repair.

4. If the phone does not want to be charged, or it often turns itself off, and there are problems with turning on, the main reasons in this case can be either a battery, or a charger, and a connector for connecting the charger. Independently here you can make a replacement battery, charger or clean the phone’s charging connector and its contacts.

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